Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In My Arms

Here you lay, in my arms. 

Quietly breathing. It's truly one of the best moments in my day as your mama bear. To see your eyes flutter and finally relax into a deep sleep, to hear the tiny noises, hums, heavy sighs and to imagine the stirrings of your thoughts. 

To watch your belly rise and fall with each breath, it's all a mother's joy. To remember when you fit within the boundaries of my arms, cocooned in warmth and fresh newborn smell, and to now see your legs and feet strewn off our favorite gliding chair - your feet dangling below. How fast the time does go. 

It's amazing to watch you grow. To see you move and think and love and show, your love for others so very apparent, stopping to hug and needing affection is one of my favourite things about you, my dear. The way you bow your head towards a friend, requesting a forehead kiss. The way you crawl all over us, resting your head on shoulders or bellies or backs or arms, resting in moments of kindness, melts away any dread from any day. 

To know you are a gift, entrusted to two people, to raise and care for, to watch over and let go of, is the greatest adventure of all - a mystery I will always be unfolding in you, my son. You keep my days filled of play, my nights full of midnight might, my mornings full of smiley glory and my life full of Christ.

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