Friday, January 25, 2013

Four Months Shy

My littlest little baby boy turned eight months old this week.  Time is whizzing by.  I still remember seeing him just a few days old, sitting in the car seat on our front porch fresh from the hospital, so tiny.  That first week we did everything as a team, from filing his nails to giving baths it was all a learning curve.  But we got good at things and so did he.  Long ago are the days when he would play under his hanging toys batting away at plush owls and squirrels for hours.  Now his favorite pastimes are jumping himself silly and making his way around the living room via rolling, circling, or scooting backwards.  He enjoys big boy baths trying to grasp at the water and now reaches for whomever isn't holding him.  He can't be held for much longer than a few minutes, busy busy busy are his mind and hands.   He loves to grasp at anything, touching and figuring out different textures. Short are the days ahead when his hind will propel him and the baby gates will go up. 

Parenting truly is bittersweet.  As he babbles Da-Da and laughs histerically when he's over tired, I can't help but remember the days when he would often nap under his play mat, or rest in my arms - his head no bigger than my hand.  He used to just lay on the changing table; getting him ready was a total one person job.  Now he's so wiggly he practically dresses himself, plunging each limp into it's respective hole with each wriggle. He loves to bang his chubby hands on any near by surface, swirl his ankles in excited circles and giggles gutterly anytime I shimmy pants on his legs.

As he learns and understands so much more of this world, my mind plans for all the new things he's yet to learn.  At the same time, my mind travels backwards remembering when he couldn't roll over, rarely smiled, or expressed anything but funny little animal sounds.  It so surreal to watch this little boy grow.  I have a feeling that won't ever change.  God:  Thank you for this beautiful, beautiful boy.  He is such a blessing to his parents and we are so blessed that you chose US to raise, guide, and direct his steps.  We pray You will continue to guide and direct ours so that he may grow to be strong, good, noble, and a lover of You.  We thank you for each day you have given us with him and each day in the future.  We love you Lord and thank you daily for Canon James.  Amen.