Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just for Kicks

Dear Canon,
    I am writing this down so that some day I can read these memories to you.  Yesterday marked 6 months of you being in my tummy.  We are getting ready for you, buying clothes and toys and all kinds of fun things.  Here's a couple of dates you did really cool things that  I want to remember.  On January 24th, just a few weeks after we found out who you were, your Daddy felt you kick for the first time.  It was kind of hard for him to feel, since you were still so tiny, but since then your kicks have gotten much stronger and you seem to be moving around all day long.  On January 31st, I got to SEE you kick from the outside of my belly for the first time.  My belly just looked like a bass drum, thumping with each movement you made.  You always seem to do neat things on Tuesdays, which also happens to be the day I count your age by, so it's neat to be reminded that even after you're born, you will learn new things every week: you're already changing so fast, I know will always amaze me!  On February 7th, just a week after I saw you kick for the first time, your Daddy got to see you kick too.  Your kicks are getting really strong, but sometimes only you and I know that your practicing your wrestling moves.  So far you weigh about a pound and half, but your doctor says you will gain about 4 ounces each week until the last month before you are born; then you'll gain a pound a week - YIKES!  Here's a picture of you inside my belly at six months.  I can't wait to take pictures of you outside of my belly, see your sweet face, and get to know you better.  I love you baby boy.
Much Love,