Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Day I Met My Son

Yesterday was a day to remember, January 9, 2012.  Your Dad and I had a very important doctor's appointment.  So far, you had been living in my womb for twenty weeks, so that means we got to find out if you were a little boy or a little girl.  We had been waiting and waiting to give you a name, to start working on your nursery, and to be able to bond with you all the more knowing if you'd love hockey and wrestling or sparkles and princesses.  All along, we both wanted a boy.  You see, we wanted you to be the best big brother to the rest of your siblings some day.  We wanted you from the start, and in my heart of hearts, I knew you would be a boy.  God knew our desires, and he honored us with them.  And for that we are so joyful.  I had two dreams, which I truly believe, were God confirming to me that you were going to be our little boy.  Now that we know you a little better, and now that we've got to see you playing inside my belly, we know you are going to be such a blessing to your Daddy and me.  I can feel you moving inside of me, a lot in the mornings, and a lot after my morning coffee.  Your heart beat sounds like a train coming through a tunnel, and was 150 bpm yesterday, which everyone says is a great rhythm.  You are in the 60% for weight which is a healthy 13 oz.  Soon, after you weigh over a pound, Daddy will be able to feel you move from the outside of my belly.  Dr. Stanton says if you grow bigger towards the end of my pregnancy, we might get to meet you earlier than expected.  Your Daddy and I were pretty big babies, and your Grandma Tom was a ten-pounder, so that might be a good possibility!  Yesterday, we also found out that you love your feet, just like your cousin Kaysen.  The whole time we were watching you, you just kept playing with your feet and rubbing your eyes.  I think you will sleep just like your Daddy with your arm covering your eyes, since that's what you were doing when we saw you last.  

Well, after we told everyone you were a boy, your grandparents and aunts and uncles were so excited.  Here's a few things they and some other pretty important people said about you:

Grandpa Jim - "Canon James,  I really like the name, the middle part especially."

Grandpa Tom - "Yay, another boy! Congratulations! I bet Pete is excited."

Grandma Patti - "Oh what fun!  Oh my goodness!"

Grandma Karen - "Yay for blue!  Did you hear that, I'm going to have another grandson!"

Great Grandma Esther - "I knew it all along.  A sweet baby boy, I can't wait to meet him!"

Miss Mary's Voicemail - "Um hello, yes I'd like to speak with Canon please."

Aunt Athena - "I'm gonna have a nephew and Kaysen is going to have a boy cousin to terrorize the grandparents with! Yay!" 

Uncle Nick - "So, am I going to be an uncle to a niece or a nephew! I couldn't tell in the tiny picture!"

Aunt Emily - "I am so excited!  I knew it was a boy!"

Uncle John - "Congratulations guys!  A baby boy, what a blessing!  I love the name!"

Great Aunt Linda - "Yippee! Congratulations!!!"

Cousin Ashley - "I knew it!"

Cousin Kara - "I can't wait to lay eyes on Canon!"

Auntie Lolo - "Oh my goodness, my heart is very full for you two! Can't even imagine how you are feeling, love you guys!"

Auntie Candace - "I knew it! Love you and baby Canon!"

Pastor Mark - "Hey Phil Wickham has been singing about him.  So exciting!  He'll be a point guard in tradition of his Dad I guess."

Aunt Haley - "So cute!  I can't wait to meet you guys, and now baby Canon!"

Auntie Dani - "We love you already!"

Dr. Stanton - "What a beautiful baby boy, I see.  He's going to be gorgeous.  Good job Mom & Dad."

Canon, we just want you to know, that you are very loved by so many already.  Everyone is so excited to meet you, hold you, watch you grow, and see you love Jesus!  So many people are praying for you, and for me: that we will stay healthy and that when you decide to come into the world, that all will be safe and well.  But for now, keep on growing strong and growing big.  We can't wait until May.  What a big change you will bring about.  We love you so much baby boy.

Mom & Dad