Monday, December 21, 2009

last minute dinner reservations?

So, the other night I was a little low on grocery supplies. I peared into the empty refrigerator and found zuchini, garlic, and chives. In the pantry I found the all time staple of rice pilaf. What to do what to do? Then, it hit me. HOMEMADE CHINESE! So I quickly toasted the pilaf with extra butter and lemon juice like I've seen so many times with Asian Cuisine. Then I continued to cook the rice to the box's instructions. Then I pressed the garlic, diced the chives, and sliced the zuchini. I sauteed the veggies all together with lemon, water, and soy sauce dribbled about until the zuchs were nicely browned. Then I mixed it all about, heated it together, and topped each rice bowl off with two sweetly stolen fortune cookies from a previous actual asian cuisine encounter. Simple, off the cuff and quite successfully pulled off if I do say so myself. Enjoy this simple save and impress the fam for about 5 buckaroos!