Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nursery Inspiration

In just nine days we find out baby's gender!  I am getting so excited to start working on the nursery.  I have been searching pinterest and fantastic mama blogs.  Here's a few great inspiration resources I have stumbled upon: Chic & Cheap NurseryLoop & LilHappy TogetherModern NurseryBump Smitten & Prudent Baby.  Now, onto the eye candy!  I think, no matter the gender, I am going to go with this color story: gray, white, teal, marigold, plum, and green.  It may sound like crazy town, but just look at these pictures!  Fabulousness.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eleven Days

Just a few thoughts about baby, the coming days, and a prayer....

In eleven days we find out the sex of our little baby.  Words cannot express how excited I am to give our baby a name and to feel that much more connected to it.  Husband and I have been generously blessed with all kinds of baby gear, but we ourselves haven't purchased one thing yet.  I can't wait to buy baby's first outfit, baby's first toy, baby's first blanket.... etc.  I have waited until gender reveal day to do so, as I know as more babies come down the line, we won't ever have this opportunity to buy our FIRST baby it's FIRST purchase.  I can't wait to walk into that doctor's office and see our baby for the second time, its been 6 weeks since we've seen our little bambino move and shake.  I can't wait to see it's features more defined and its sweet profile resting inside of me.  Pete and I will be excited for either boy or girl, we just can't wait to know what God already knows and has planned for it's little life!

Lately in life, the husband and I have been overly showered with God's love and blessings. But because we live in a fallen world,  there will always be times of struggle and strife.  In thinking of these times, my thoughts today are "I am so glad that this baby is inside my womb.  It's so safe in there.  It can't hear the evil words this world speaks, it can't see any affects of sin yet, or feel pain yet."  I want to protect it forever this way, but in my selfishness, I also can't wait for it's birthday so that I can show it so many beautiful and innocent creations God has made for it to enjoy.   But for now, I am content in it being within me always.  No matter where I am, for now, I have the comfort of knowing that baby is with.  

Jesus, I pray for this baby.  I pray you give it a healthy life and a safe delivery.  I pray that it grows to be a disciple of You, loving you and serving you.  I pray that we will raise it to fear You.  I pray for it's sweet personality that you have already woven into it's heart, that he or she will be used by You in mighty ways.